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The Real Sangam on reels that enchod Gadhian Chord

Sanat Sankrityayan 2010-12-29

On January 19, 2010 Mr. Laxman Gole was invited for ‘Road to Sangam’ audio launch in Mumbai. it was an example every personality development school, reform organization or jails should have recorded to motivate more and more people in order to make them strong in their road to recovery. The award winning film on Gandhian thought ‘Road To Sangam’ music was launched at the hands of reformed criminal Lakshman Gore.

Veteran actor Tom Alter began the function by introducing the common man who was going to unveil the music album of the film ‘Road to Sangam’. Lakshman Gore is a criminal with 18 crimes recorded against him. Not even once was he proved guilty. But then he happened to read the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi ‘Experiments of Truth.’ He was affected so much that he wrote a letter to the judge pleading guilty to all charges against him. Served his sentence and is now a social worker.


Another common man at the music launch function was the real Hashmat Ullah, the man whose character Paresh Rawal is playing in the film. Last in the trilogy of common man and non celebrities was Tushar Gandhi-great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Along with Paresh Rawal, Tom Alter, Pavan Malhotra, director Amit Rai and producer Amit Chheda. Other celebs present were Poonam Jhavar, Swati Chitnis, Sandesh Shandilya, Govind Namdeo, Nitin Kumar Gupta, Prem Haria, and Vijay Mishra

Presented by Gipsy Films and helmed by first timer Amit Rai, ‘Road to Sangam’ is a confluence story of heart, mind and soul, is woven around the crucial fact of the last journey of Gandhiji on this earth. The movie has won accolades at recently held MAMI festival in Mumbai and international film festivals in South Africa, Germany and Los Angeles.

Based on this fulcrum, “Road to Sangam”, the movie impresses to delve into the psyche of a very important community of the Indian society as it also tries to understand and explore their insecurities, apprehension, suffering and still holding an understanding to the call of their nation.

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