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The journey of creating a new story of VVM

Piyush 2017-09-26

Vedzen Story of creating a VVM

Values Vision and Mission Statement

Vedzen is a group of practitioners who learnt the Japanese industrial art of improvement & work culture called Kaizen from Japanese Masters like, Masaki Imai. Through practice, we formulated Lean Tools and Techniques for every operational excellence aspect we covered for a myriad of our industrial clients.

In the diligent course of spreading across the practices of Lean Kaizen Management principles, we discovered the elements of Indian “Vedic” wisdom inherent in the Culture of the Workplace. Through Hansei, we discovered that we can blend the best of both the worlds, the Japanese work principles based on “Zen” and Indian work principles based on relevant wisdom from “Veda”, led us to form Vedzen. It was like finding the Indian way of implementing Kaizen.

Our alignment to the cultural aspect of creating operational excellence at client site, is owing to the deep belief in our Value Systems that we imbibe through our Indian Culture. We know that the Business Strategy must be executed in line with the Cultural Strategy too. We took a controlled workshop session and reframed the total alignment of Vedzen. Here is the story of creating Values, Vision and Mission for Vedzen.

We conducted an introspective session to excavate some of the best practices of our Practitioners, displayed and lived by them at different Client Sites for implementing a whole gamut of improvement projects. We rummaged through several phases of our twenty years of work experience as Lean Kaizen Practitioner in Indian Industries. Many write-ups, old presentations, torn envelopes and crumpled diaries gave way to the emergence of our best practices.

The whole journey can be encapsulated in the following Five Stages.

  1. Knowing where we are today

    1. Gratitude to our Masters and Clients

    2. Doing a SWOT and framing the segment we serve, current position

    3. USP Factors – what sells and resells too

    4. Business Value we generate for clients and us

    5. Emerging business opportunities

  2. Finding who we are

    1. Introspection for set of Core Values

    2. Through cross functional focus groups

    3. Handmade Visuals to explain to others

    4. Run through the Six Thinking Hats

    5. Finalise the Core Values we belief in

  3. Imagine where we want to be

    1. Formulate a progress strategy in Growth Terms

    2. Through strategic mapping and canvassing

    3. Innovation and Long Term Thinking

    4. Cross Functional Teams took different paths

    5. Summarize the best expressions and create Vision Statement

  4. Sow as we desire to reap

    1. Share the values and vision with all

    2. Prepare Goals and Objectives Pyramid for everyone

    3. Reset the Key Performance Areas

    4. Give a Timeline to each activity

    5. Get accountability by asking for Task Ownership

  5. Daily Work Mantra

    1. Reminders (Visuals) for action,

    2. Daily mantra timings, we set our meeting times separate from working time

    3. Key Performance Boards and Note to all

By following these steps, we could frame our Values, Vision and Mission based on our indigenous experiences and have shared them here for your reading.


Karma is our equivalent of Mission. We believe this is our Karmic life where we can make and induce changes around the industries to make this industrial world a better place to work for all. This is the reason our business exists. Our Karma is our Mission as a Lean Kaizen Practitioner Company.

Dharma is our Vision that also alternatively refers to the Long Term Desired End State we see for ourselves. The Vision stands to guide us when we ask ourselves, where do we want to be. Our Goals were broken down from our Vision. The Goals and Objectives that we prepared ahead acted as integrating to the overall Vision. All our strategies are dedicated to achieving our Dharma.

Mantra in Sanskrit, literally means protected, and is closely correlated to the Core Values. Core Values must be promoted as the self-proclamation of who we are. Once our Core Values are defined and lived in our lives, we see our Vision coming to reality. It is by living a virtuous life based on Core Values, we bring Vision to Reality.

Although we redefined the whole method, we could get, the Values, Vision and Mission for Vedzen aligned and univocally accepted by all our practitioners.

It is presented here. The power of Values, Vision and Mission gets activated when we share it to others, get their views, still stay unaffected and march ahead. The power is multiplied when we declare the Vision and our Goals in public. More we talk and think about the realization of our Vision, faster we reach to the Vision and Goals.

After having done it for our company, we could immediately share the hands-on experience with many of our Clients. The feedback is very encouraging. Totally aligned Organizations with set of average people perform at least 50% better than an unaligned organization with spectacular individual performers. Now the story is different for me as well, as I start my day with a Cup of Coffee, by reading through the Core Values printed on them. It just sets the pace right. All the best to you too!! Get on to setting the Values, Vision and Mission in your Organization!

Our Mission - The Karma – Commitment to Ourselves

To perform all duties as a protector of Vedzen Vision (Dharma) by working with our Values (Mantra) for creating World Class Organization for our Clients.

Vision - The Dharma - Commitment To The Client for creating World Class Organization

1. Enhance the value creation by continually redefining the way we see value.

2. Continuously improve capability of the people.

3. Add strength to the client management capability to create a world class organization.

4. Early & total eradication of all wasteful practices at client's premises.

5. Augment the capacity to create more value from fewer resources for more people.

6. Profitable organizational growth with total employee involvement.

Our Core Values – Daily Mantras – Commitment to Action - Vision to Reality

lean manufacturing consultant


1. Knowledge - Source of Knowledge is one, Truth.

Take me from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

2. Practice - Ideas bear fruits when put to Action.

Action is my prime duty.

3. Action - Act with resolve & right attitude; results follow.

One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, One who is wise among all people, the One who is well organized and integrated, accomplishes all actions.

4. Change Activator - Synchronizing energies for progressive impact on culture.

One who is uncorrupted, who is liberated, who is established in knowledge, works for the yagnya, his actions are completely just.

5. Scientific temperament with self-enquiry.

One who believes in the unison of scientific temperament and delves in knowledge, one who knows the nature of mind and body as one with the universe, can satisfy the desired goals with mature accomplishment. Difference related to "Maya" will never stick their heads once handled with self-enquiry with the right knowledge and scientific approach.

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