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Shooting of Poka-Yoke Movie

Sanat Sankrityayan 2013-05-08

Poka Yoke – or how I come here to actually film?

So I had a bit of it already hoped to play again as an extra in Bollywood. I must indeed confess that I’ve never kept up to date to me completely to look at one of these flashy-colored films, but to be able to let’s see behind the scenes or part of the second largest film industry in the world to be (to Hollywood), that would be something been!

Completely different steps towards film but I have now taken anyway. A friend of our WG, Sanat, asked me if I would like to act in a promotional film for industrial companies. Without much explanation I agreed first. And in short, I found myself on Saturday and Monday then in the middle of filming again.

What was it? The ads should the Japanese concept of Poka Yoke sell for error prevention in companies. “Poka Yoke” – which literally means something like “idiot proof”. That does not sound very nice, but to express that work processes are to be so much easier in companies that even an “idiot” or, more nice, a beginner, or an unskilled assistant does not make mistakes. This in turn increases the efficiency of the company, reduced waste due to faulty manufacturing, saving time, energy and money. Sanat had contacted the advertising movie for four companies in Pune, which apply the principle of Poka Yoke in their company and had to film it. My job was that I had understood about, the moderation of the film.

Early Saturday morning I was picked up. I really had not understood the details of my job, but that you get in India anyway usually only after some time out. In Indian Suit dressed, I sat in the car Sanats and feverish anticipation for the first filming date.

First stop: A company of multifunctional fax machines.

The camera crew was super nice and very soon we tore welcome or motivation to arm and uttered a “Poka Yoke” Silence. With the team I have become hot quickly, yet came to the outer heat prevailing in Pune in the early hours of the morning and like to climb above 40 degrees. So what are purely the company. It went straight to the production facility, where workers put loud electronic components on circuit boards and soldered. While the camera crew abfilmte the processes, it was my job, the idea of ​​poka-yoke, which was stuck in this step, to understand and to put on paper. For example, the blocks were made so that they could be put on only a specific way on the board. There can therefore be no mistake the fact that someone puts the block in a wrong direction. Sanat helped with the formulations.

After the filming of the production site and my notes, we went down to business for me. First, I should carry an interview with some company employees and ask them to Poka Yoke in their company. The light made ​​us sweat, but otherwise it was pretty funny. In addition to my questions I should especially repeatedly interject “Excellent”, “Wonderful” or “Great”, which was somewhat difficult because of my counterpart spoke only Hindi. 
then I had to present in front of the camera my notes. They should serve afterwards to explain the individual work processes and the explanation of Poka Yoke effect. And here I skidded. I desperately tried to remember the lyrics to me, the English vocabulary included, which I had not even known in German law. Time and again we had to take every repeat again and I was quite embarrassed in front of the camera crew. But Sanat helped me and encouraged me again and again. The problem was that many of the formulations did not come from me and did not want in my head. In the end, I improvised the text and then worked very much better.

After this tough birth it went to the second company that manufactures enclosures for car batteries or even the container of Tic Tacs. Gradually, I realized that I should mitablaufen the individual machines, so I understood the processes and found my own words, which I explained the process in hindsight, to explain the Poka Yoke principle. Now, as I recited my notes it worked very much better and happy and tired we went home at 6 clock in the evening.

After resting for a day, the second day of shooting took place on Monday. First, in a company car for controls. As in any company we have received here lovingly. Cold drinks, a little later this time also food (Sanat and I had fed only on Saturday from fast food that we bought from the shoot, once again there was good Indian food) and of course a lot of questions about my background.Unfortunately we had to wait a long time but this time first until we got the final filming permit, even though everything had been arranged.

Director Sadiq (in light blue T shirt) and buddy Sanat (black t shirt). And the rest of the crew. Visit here and we just filmed the production facility again

And “Action!” Yes the full program! Here I stand in the entrance hall, wired with a hidden microphone, and explain the positive effects of Poka Yoke. Director Sadiq gives the OK.


The second and last company specializing in vehicle transmission. Again, we inspected the facility and left us the idea Poka Yoke in the individual machines explain.



I now had to play one last time. But as so often it was once: Wait! Was built to everything and everyone was there.


In addition to my individual notes I had to carry two interviews. For this, unfortunately, the air conditioning was turned off and that was always in the blazing spotlight unfortunately little fun, but we beat ourselves brave.



After this last rotation they said goodbye. My brief foray into the film world was over and now I can access a copy of the film and the end of May to 10,000 rupees Gage already hoping a little earlier. It was a completely new experience for me, for which I am very grateful to Sanat. And if anyone still has questions about Poka Yoke: I am now an expert.

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