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RPA: Responsibility Precedes Authority

Piyush 2015-11-25

Most of us are craving to get authority and power as much as possible and as early as possible however we forget that responsibility precedes authority. We want to enjoy the fruits of power but hesitate to take the pain of responsibility. The word responsibility is combination of response plus ability. Ability to respond with decisions and actions. When the people in the position of authority fail to respond to a situation and develop a habit of procrastination, organisation starts sliding down and environment of chaos can be seen around that person. If a person of authority is quick in taking decisions and actions, one can find an efficient and effective organisation around him.
On the other side if a person is given with responsibility but not entrusted with enough authority, he will not be able deliver the results. Authority and responsibility shall go hand in hand and shall commensurate with each other. If you want authority, start taking responsibility and you will see that eventually authority is following you.
5 Tips to handle authority and responsibility:
1. First take responsibility, authority will follow.
2. Many times a formal authority may be entrusted, start using authority in the interest of organisation.
3. Do not procrastinate decisions and actions, you may lose the authority soon.
4. If the authority is clearly defined, do not exceed without taking all concern in confidence.
5. If you are in a position to pass on responsibility, delegate sufficient authority otherwise chances are you will not get desire results.
पहले ख़ुद को सिद्ध कर,
बन कर ज़िम्मेदार।
बिन माँगे तुझको मिले,
मनचाहे अधिकार।।
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