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Right Data Required to Solve the Problem

Sanat Sankrityayan 2013-04-01

When many people attempt to solve a problem, they make the mistake of placing an emphasis on either the problem or solution.

To properly solve problems, it is very important to make sure you take the right approach.

The approach you use for a problem is often connected to the solution.

The first thing you should be familiar with is an entry point. As the name implies, the entry point is the part of the problem that you will first want to focus on.

Missing Husband

A lady went to the police station to file a report for her missing Husband:

Lady: I lost my Husband
Inspector: What is his height?

Lady: I never noticed

Inspector: Slim or healthy?

Lady: Not slim can be healthy

Inspector: Colour of eyes?

Lady: Never noticed

Inspector: Colour of hair?

Lady: Changes according to season

Inspector: What was he wearing?

Lady: suit/casuals I don’t remember exactly

Inspector: Was somebody with him ?????????

Lady: Yes my Labrador dog, Calvin, tied with a golden chain, height 30 inches, healthy, blue eyes, blackish brown hair, his left foot  thumb nail is slightly broken, he never barks, wearing a golden belt studded with blue balls, he likes non veg food, we eat together, we jog together…. And the lady started crying…..

Inspector: Let’s search for the dog first!!!!!!!

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