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Report On Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Piyush 2015-04-09

Held on : 4th April, 2015

Venue: Suzlon Excellence Academy, Hadapsar, Pune


1 Mr Yogesh Vaghani, Principal Practitioner and Chairman, Vedzen Institute &

2 Mr Ajay Kumar Darbastewar, Principal Practitioner and CEO, Vedzen Institute


1 Sanat Sankrityayan, Principal Practitioner, Vedzen Institute

2 Piyush Pandey, Lean Practitioner, Vedzen Institute

 Participating Companies:

1 T3 Energy Services Pvt. Ltd , Pune                                      – Heavy Engineering

2 Valveworks India Pvt. Ltd, Pune & Kolhapur Div.       – Heavy Engineering

3 Aggreko Energy Rental Services Pvt. Ltd, Pune            – Services

4 Shore Auto Rubber Exports Pvt. Ltd, Pune                     – Manufacturing

5 Francois Compressors Pvt. Ltd, Pune                                – Manufacturing


The improved ways in Production techniques have set leading roles for individuals in the midst of the competitive pressures growing in the industry. The government as well as the organisations have set up missions with strategic & holistic measures to become World Class. To become the best, gain market share and customer satisfaction, one needs to react faster and with accuracy to make breakthrough achievements. Processes need to be synchronized across all the operations with continual efforts towards developing simple solutions across all levels. There’s an imminent need for a progressive focus to combat these problems and grow the business.

Against this backdrop, Vedzen Institute announced the 2nd Lean Leadership Workshop in the month of February, 2015.Invitations were sent out to companies practicing Operational Excellence techniques like Lean, Kaizen, and Six-Sigma etc. to nominate Managers, Executives, and Supervisors & Individuals to become experts on the fundamentals of Value Stream Mapping.


The Workshop is a certification course that aims to update the knowledge and skills of individuals to let them drive their organisation towards Business Excellence. The participants need to see their own systems and processes from a different angle enabling them in finding and eliminating wastes from their processes. The prerequisite to eliminating waste is to understand the concept of “value” that is added end to end to a product or service.

Summary of the Workshop:

Mr Yogesh Vaghani and Mr Ajaykumar Darbastewartook the Workshop in four sessions. Handbooks consisting reading material and exercise sheets to work out the value stream exercises were distributed to the participants. After each session, a quiz based on the topics in the session was held to determine the participants’ understanding of the workshop in which everybody asked relevant questions and scored well in the assessment.

The first session started with the introduction to Value Stream mapping.

-       Insight to the new paradigm –What is value addition!

-       Understanding the dynamics of organisational processes – Identifying waste!

-       Reading the process flow with consideration for value at each step – how to follow the path of a product / service from beginning to end.

-       Making changes happen across functional and departmental boundaries – Empowering Individuals thus increasing their capability.

-       Who can become a Value Stream Manager – a hands on person driven by results

Second session:Learning to see the complete process flow, both material and information and the steps for mapping a value stream

-       Analyze the process flow in the current production / service situation

-       Selecting the product / service family

-       Drawing the Current state Map – symbols and icons

-       The Mapping process – collecting data for Product / service Families –

-       Time Measures for improvement – calculate processing time, lead time, pitch and Takt time

Third session:Identify the elements that add no value to the product / service i.e. Waste.

-  How processes perform – Capturing what needs to improve

-  Characteristics of a Lean value stream – developing continuous flow

-  Creating Pull – using Supermarkets, Kanban, Kaizen Blitz and Load Levelling

Final session: How to draw the Continuous flow and map the Future State.

-       Levelling the production mix and identifying the single points in the production chain to trigger production.

-       Identifying what process improvements will be necessary!

At the end of the session, all the participants were congratulated and appreciation certificates were presented to them.

Features of the Workshop:

  • The participants were able to define the sources of waste in their value streams.
  • They committed to implement Value Stream Mapping at their organization.
  • They will draw the current state map of a product / service to find the waste in their processes.
  • They will present a Case Study based on the exercises given on the techniques.
  • That presenter shall present the participating companies as the participants implement the tools and techniques thus virtually closing the loop.
  • The participants went back confident and appreciated the concepts they learned in the sessions through Examples and Case Studies.

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