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Reformative aspects of Criminal Jurisprudence Program held at Hubli, Karnataka on 28th Feb. 2011

Sanat Sankrityayan 2011-03-04

Prisoner’s Reformation Initiative, a contrivance of Bombay SarvodayMandal, Mumbai and Karnataka State Law University, Hubli, invited Mr. Laxman Gole of Vedzen Institute to talk on “Gandhian Values in the prevention of crime” on 28th February 2011.


Mr. Gole giving a talk on Gandhian Values in the prevention of crime

Mr Gole, an ex-convict and reformed Gandhivadi, shared his experience with the students of KLSU and the inmates of Central Prison, Dharwad. Dr J.S. Patil, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of KLSU presided over the function.


The function was held to enlighten the audience on truth and its effectiveness in the society. The lawyers being adjudicators of disputes have an important role in propounding the truth. The connection between having an experience and effectuation of it fortifies oneself spiritually.


Mr. Gole with the students of law college

Mr.Gole enquired the audience on present day relevance of Mahatma Gandhi. The men who answered in a naught were again asked why? He then informed them about Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Ambedkar, Sardar Patel and Ferozeshah Mehta, all of them who were lawyers and their struggle for independence that involved a great deal of truth and authenticity.


To the prisoners he gave a talk on the books written by freedom fighters during their respective tenure at jails. He gave examples of Nehru’s Discovery of India, Sane Guruji’s Shyamchi Aayee and Lokmanya’s book on teachings from Bhagvad Geeta as to how reformative the stay at jail could be.


He appealed to the listeners to derive strength from the dare and anger that brought them to the wrath of jail. As any prejudice lies in the jaundiced eye of the beholder, it is quintessential to see differently in order to lead a better and reformed life.


Prison is an examination where life demands a change in yourself. He said “Even I used to sit like you do today and listen to the preachers but as you can see, today I’m standing in front of you and I’m a reformed man.” Towards the end of the function the students of KLSU’s School presented a dance show thus amplifying the experience of the audience.

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