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Personal Excellence – Laxman Gole and “Gandhigiri”

Piyush 1010-05-20

Watch the Video on Laxmans Interview by IBN7 Networks Jindagi Live

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Laxman Gole on Youtube

Mahatma Gandhi - Personal Excellence

Dear Friends,

As Kabir aptly said, “bura jo dekhan main chala, bura naa milya koye, tu su apni sudhi lee, mujhse bura naa koye“. The worse lies inside us. If we can see it deep enough to make suggestive changes in ourselves, then our individual character will become so aligned with our ideal that we will achieve stupendous personal excellence.

Ideals are the personification of dreams, the ultimate desires we have. They serve as a light-house which guides our progress. Ideals help us envision our future and strengthen our action towards achieving it. But can an Ideal touch you so deep that you get transformed into a deer from being a wolf? I know it is drastic and unbelievable. However, it happened.

It happened with Mr. Laxman Gole. From being a convict, he is a reformer now. You may watch his video too. His life is an exemplary transformation story. He speaks it all in the video. His Ideal is Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu’s autobiography influenced him so deep that he decided to quit his full-fledged goonship, mafia activities and convert into a normal passionate human being. His being in jail did not stop him from learning and renewing himSELF. He has then on ceaselessly worked in the direction of spreading the Gandhian Philosophy. He is now a proud member of our team.

Hope we work more in the direction of spreading Gandhi’s ideology and it works wonders in assisting people to explore their true self and achieve personal excellence.

Truly Yours,

Yogesh Vaghani

Director, Vedzen Institute

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