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Movie on “8 Wastes” – War on 8 Wastes

Sanat Sankrityayan 2011-09-17

Dear Fellow Leaners,

We are in the process of completing our second movie on the Lean Kaizen concepts. This time we have chosen the most popular yet confusing topic of 8 Wastes or Muda (in Japanese). Here, I am sharing some thoughts on 8th Waste – Waste of Human Potential.

I have been practicing Lean and Kaizen concepts in all walks of Life and have been promoting the war on waste in all types of Organization.

Over the years, I have learnt that Technology can be copied, Capital can buy you everything, Processes can be formatted, but People factor has to be nurtured, developed and embedded in the culture for a High Performance Workplace.

Everybody has the seed of greatness in them. We fail to draw upon the reservoir of endless human creativity. Our policies, procedures, positions do not let us see the latent potential, stopping us from tapping it. Believe me, It can bring extraordinary results even from ordinary people.

We must involve all include all for a sustainable continuous improvement culture. Total Employee Involvement is the key to an evolved organization. Wastes or Muda cannot be dealt with in isolation. It must be across the organization, at all levels & processes because when you are able to take out the wastes from the company, you can move on to Just In Time production and One Piece Flow, it is a great feat for Lean Kaizen practicing companies.

As in the film, Mr. Dange and Mr. Fadtare coach Sanat in realizing the concept of seven, no eight wastes. Hope this film makes you smarter and helps in bringing a dramatic change at your workplace.

The blossoming of Human Potential begins when one addresses it at the thought level first. Because thoughts lead to words and becomes actions. Actions build a habit, leading to character. Character determines destiny. Investing wisely on thoughts leads to prosperous destiny.

Will share with you more on the same, let the movie be completed. It will take just one more month.

Yours Truly,

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