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Make your day at Work perfect!!

Piyush 2014-02-11

A principle is the expression of perfection, and as imperfect beings like us cannot practice perfection, we devise every moment limits of its compromise in practice – Mahatma Gandhi

A perfect day at work! It feels amazing to work into perfection. You probably wish that there was some trick to make things a little less daunting and little more fun. Let’s look at the whole day. You wake up in the mornings and get ready for the usual business and then you leave for work. You spent a wonderful day at work. When you return home after day’s work at office, someone, probably your wife or children, ask you, “How was your day!” You are pleased to say that it has been an awesome day. So what happened at work! All the activities were completed and as they add value to the work you do, it makes you happy. The best part is that you were appreciated for it.

Now does it often happen that you return home with the same feeling everyday!

It all starts in the mornings. When we get up in the morning our mind starts working whether you like it or not. Your mind may take up things that you don’t even want to think about. Either your mind takes up a route altogether or you begin seeking for a different direction. Decide something on which you would like to excel! Because by the time you reach office either your boss takes over or the routine that you follow at work consumes you.

So how do you achieve excellence? It’s well known that only practice makes you perfect! And as Gandhiji rightly said devise a method to make things perfect. Striving for excellence at anything will certainly bring out more that is within you.

The Kaizen way is the key to happiness. Kaizen is a Japanese term for Continuous Improvement. “Kai” means change and “zen” means better. Hence Kaizen implies changing for happiness or continual improvement.
Following these 3 “things”, you’ll have a perfect day at work:

7423planner1. What am I going to do today! – Look at the bigger picture and revisit your organization’s goals and objectives. Write down how you’re going to contribute towards building these goals. Decide on something that you are going to finish today. Your boss might ask for urgent things that need to be done, there must be some time you can spare for him! A colleague might need your advice. Go ahead and help them out but do not forget the bigger picture.

2. Start with a solution in mind – For every problem there is a solution. Think for a solution you can offer to a specific problem. Meet your boss and or colleagues with the solution in mind. Enter the cabin not with the problem but with a solution to it. Finding a solution needs concentration and efforts to realize what the premise of the problem is!

The mind looks for the solutions whereas the mindset takes you backwards. Your mindset is an inclination that determines the response or interprets situations. So how do you overcome mindset! Focus on the goals and objectives. Own the problem and stop blaming others for the mistakes. Fifty percent of the problem are solved when problems are owned up. Let’s say a problem needs to be solved and you need to consult your colleagues or your boss. Discuss it at the some point of the same day or even end of the day. Take some time to think upon these problems. So the next day you’re not busy finding a solution for the same problem.

3. Improve continuous_improvementand implement – No problem that has been created is bigger than your capacity to solve it. There’s always a scope for improvement in the work that we do every day.
A perfect day is when you’ve improved and overcome your problems. However, problems do eat time and efforts. One of the tools in the Kaizen Way is to ask 5 WHYs to find the root cause of the problem. First you’ll understand the symptoms of the problem. Then you’ll reach to the apparent cause of the problem. Eventually the root cause will be revealed. Finding the root cause is the real step towards improvement.

Finally, if anything goes wrong take the rap. Don’t blame others and accept the mistakes because until you make mistakes you’ll never learn!

Yogesh Vaghani,

Director @ Vedzen Institute

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