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Lean Kaizen Mela – The Holistic Way

Piyush 2010-04-28

Ah! Are we out of the clouds? Gradually, we can see the shine. The clouds of recession are parting and giving way to a better and prosperous 2010.

Value of and for the Customer
Adversity is the best teacher. We are sure you must have analysed the multi-pronged recessionary impact. Such slowdowns are the best time to revisit the existing paradigms.

The best place to find the truth is to listen to your customer. They’ll tell you what’s good about your business and what’s wrong. And if you keep listening, they’ll give you a strategy. Businesses change slowly, customers change in an instant, All you can do is stay very close to the customer, and be ready when you see that change.

The paragraph actually encapsulates the essence of a holistic approach. What we understand as Value may not be the same as what a Customer considers it to be. In a bid to earn profits, one never finds enough time to reconcile the correct definitions from the Customer’s point of view.

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