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Lean Kaizen Mela For Gemba Owners (Front line Members)

Sanat Sankrityayan 2013-12-17

Every year we organize Lean Kaizen Mela (LKM) where Lean Leaders come together and share their experiences, the underlying motto is to share, learn and grow together.

This year, Vedzen Institute is proud to bring forward a special program designed for the Frontline Members or Gemba Owners, Lean Kaizen Mela – Gemba Owners (LKM-GO) on January 18th at Suzlon Excellence Academy, Pune.

Very often we hear that the culture building initiatives in an Organisation are taken up by the Lean Leaders. But the person who enables and lives the culture i.e. the front line members are least talked about. Whereas they are the people on the shop floor who add real “Value” to the product (eventually Organizations) from the Customer’s point of view. Their contribution is far more than tangible than anyone in the organization.

Hence to provide a knowledge sharing forum for the Gemba Owners, we are coming up with Lean Kaizen Mela for Gemba Owners – A forum ‘by Gemba Owners for Gemba Owners’ and in their own language. Yes, the mode of this LKM will be in ‘Marathi & Hindi’. The format of LKM-GO (Lean Kaizen Mela – Gemba Owners) consists Keynote Sessions, Classroom Coaching, Case Study Competition & Guided Best Practice Factory Tour. There is a continuous demand from the organizations where the Gemba Owners (Front Line Members) can present their good work and learn from the best practices of others too.

The Production or Operations Executives including Supervisors & Workers and Labour Contractors will be the major speakers & guests at the occasion. These speakers are more acquainted with various problems faced by Gemba Owners and also look forward to solutions of the Gemba Based Issues. The mode of Delivery will be in Marathi and Hindi.

Please see the attachments for the concept note, the registration form and the tentative schedule for the program. This will enhance the confidence of the people, boost their morale and help in building the right pillars for the Continuous Improvement Culture. The pricing of the event is very competitive, and this is to enable you to send more members to LKM – GO.

Feel free to connect with us for your valuable feedback and interest. Awaiting your team at Suzlon Excellence Academy, Pune on January 15th…

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