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Lean Kaizen Mela for Gemba Owners 2014

Piyush 2014-01-25


Lean Kaizen Mela for Gemba Owners organized by Vedzen Institute in collaboration with Deccan Chamber of commerce Industries and Agriculture Pune was held at Suzlon Excellence Academy, Pune on Jan 18th, 2014.The Mela is the first and one of its kind summit for the unsung heroes of every organization, the frontline members or the Gemba Owners, often referred to as the bottom of the pyramid. Marathi and Hindi were the official languages of communication at the event.

More than 150 Gemba Owners from 35 companies participated in the event. 23 teams competed in the Case Study Competition. The Mela was graced by Mr Pramod Chaudhari, Founder-Chairman & Managing Director, Praj Industries Limited, Dr S Gondhalekar, Director at Kanzen Institute Asia-Pacific Private Limited, & Dean Operations at Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai. Mr Prakash Dhoka, Managing Director, Industrial Metal Powders India Pvt Ltd Mr HP Srivastava, Vice Chairman, DCCIA Pune; Mr Nitin Rajore, Chief Executive Officer, Kran Rader; Mr Sameer Chitale, Factory Head, Alfa Laval, and Mr Surendra Agarwal, Executive Committee Member of DCCIA Pune attended the event.

Mr Yogesh Vaghani, Director of Vedzen Institute, commenced the event by lighting the lamp. In his opening speech, he focused on the value added by the front line members. The highlight of the event was the prelection by Mr Chaudhari and Dr Gondhalekar. Mr Chaudhari spoke on “Creating a High Performance Organization through Total Employee Involvement”. He emphasized that the each one of us should contribute towards building a Lean organization. Dr Gondhalekar engaged the participants on the concept of Kaizen. He asked them to break the departmental barriers in order to work as a team.

The companies that participated in the event are (in alphabetical order):

 participants 2Poka Yoke


A training film on Poka-Yoke was released at the Mela. The film provides introduction tothe Japanese production strategy of “Error Proofing”. Poka Yoke is a Japanese term that means “Error Proofing”. This is the third training film released by Vedzen Institute.


Kaizen, a Marathi book, written by Mr Vishwas Fadtare, Lean Practitioner at Vedzen Institute   was also released during the event. The book discusses the people, the physical place and the processes, emphasizing on the culture development by using the inherent creative potential of the people. Subsequently Mr Fadtare addressed the gathering on Dasbodha, which again is an extremely good example of the inherent wisdom of India. Dasbodha refers to the teachings of a 17th century Saint, Swami Ramdas, collected by his disciple, Kalyanswami. It is taught to the people at home in Maharashtra. The implication of the wisdom encapsulated in the couplets are observed in the day to day activities of people.


 Kaizen Bodh Katha, a collection of short stories, written by Mr Laxman Gole, Gandhian Practitioner at Vedzen Institute was also released at the Mela. The stories are aimed at promoting the Kaizen culture in any organization. The stories have been compiled by Mr Gole, which were collected from the practices of Vedzen Institute. Vedzen has worked extensively on combining the Indian Cultural intonations with the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. Thus these stories draw parallels in the traditional knowledge of the Indian people and the operational excellence tools they learn during the Kaizen Workshops.


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