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Lean Kaizen Mela 2013 – Lean Leadership – Series II

Sanat Sankrityayan 2013-01-04

Lean Leadership – Series II

Stay Ahead of the Times deriving

Power through Purpose, Principles, Process and People

Power of Purpose

marks the intensity of the winner. Purposeless pursuits have never been successful. An arrow shot in the air, a turn gone sour, an investment went to bears. If there is no purpose attached to any action that we take, it may take any direction and may deviate your energy into loosing out to non-value adding time.

A lean thinker postulates his actions based on the purpose, the vision and the related goals. Being a lean thinker is an advantage when it comes to propagating the right purpose across the Strategically Aligned Organization.

Policy Objective Matrix, or Hoshin Kanri is a wonderful tool. Value Stream Mapping is another powerful lean tool to identify the pinch areas. The Vision-Mission-Goals Triangle is another break through tool for aligning the purpose across ranks.

Power of Principles

Principles are truths that have withstood the barrage of changing times. The corporate giants who have played it true to the Principles have sustained the rough ages and find them as the guidelines for survival and growth, both.

Clear Vision and Achievable Mission is the core to the Eternal Business Principles. Practicing Great Work Values in Daily Work Management smoothens the decision-making, flow, cooperation and the productivity in the Organizations, making it Fit for future challenge/s.

Power of Process

Principle-centered Processes always give great results. It is easier to conceptualize, conceive, and write about the ideal than to actually make it happen. Process is where the cost is, profits too. Process is where the Value is added for meeting the Customers at their point of need.

A robust Process can take care of the uncertainty of the market fluctuations, inflation, and depression and then does not burst under the sporadic growth cycles. Processes must be flexible enough to absorb and respond positively to every market stimulus thus making it a differentiator for any Organization.

Power of People

Culture is the most talked about topic when it comes to Transformation of any Firm. Operational Excellence is an outcome of a Continual Improvement Culture. It is the People who align the Strategies and make it happen. Value Proposition for any Organization is a function of the People who are involved in it.

In the Value-Profit Chain, Power of People lies in making the organizational workforce the strongest link to Growth. Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Valued Employees helps companies build a word-of-mouth endorsement making it a Great Place to Work.

Intent of the Event

We intend to bring together practitioners who have been able to reap stupendous dividends by connecting these dots, Purpose, Principles, Process and People.

Lean Kaizen Mela 2013

We wish to create a universal platform where Lean Leaders come together and share their experience to learn and grow together. A research indicates that the greatest theories of the world were animated and conceptualized through shared learning.

We welcome participants from all ranks to join us in our endeavor for identifying, amplifying and disseminating Lean Kaizen principles across all avenues.

Highlights would be the Case Studies and Success Stories that will be presented at the seminar. The topics would be Inclusive Design, Lean Marketing, Policy Objective Matrix (Hoshin-Kanri), the Invisible Wastes and the Culture-nuetral Lean Successes.

Conducted on June 18-19, 2013 at Suzlon Learning Centre, Opp. Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune, it will host on the first day – Workshops on Researches, Success Stories, Case Study Competition & Accolades. Second day will be completely Factory Tours for understanding the practical examples on successful implementation.


- Yogesh Vaghani, Chairman, Vedzen –

- Sanat Sankrityayan, Convenor, Vedzen – (9822985728)

- Harsh Gupta, Coordinator, Vedzen –

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