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Lean Kaizen Mela 2012 hailed as resounding success among the Lean Thinkers community

Sanat Sankrityayan 2012-06-26

The Lean Kaizen Mela’2012 was hailed as a resounding success by all who attended the event last week. LKM was held on June 22nd and 23rd in Pune at the Suzlon Learning Centre “One Earth” organized by the Vedzen Institute and DCCIA, Pune.

The Lean Kaizen Mela 2012 held under the theme of “Power through Principles, Process and People” saw participants from various companies of diverse industries under the single objective of Lean Thinking.

The event took off with presentations by well known Lean practitioners followed by the launch of “War on 8 Waste” movie. The Guests included Mr. T. Pradeep Kumar, CTO, Suzlon Energy, Mr. M. Sankaranarayan, Vice President, RSB Global and Mr. Sandip Ghosh, CEO, Sahney Insulation Group. They shared about the benefits of adopting Lean Kaizen Policy Deployment Matrix in their respective Organizations and the dramatic gains of it. The sessions were replete with “wise nuggets” coming from all quarters.

Following this was the case study presentations from 18 teams, which was outrageously competitive and informative all the while. The first prize of Rs 21,000/- was awarded to “TNQ Books & Journals, Chennai”. The 2nd price of Rs 15,000/- went to “RSB Transmissions, Pune”. “3M India, Pune” bagged the 3rd price of Rs. 11,000/-.


The most exciting aspect of LKM was its factory tours. The participants visited the Suzlon “One Earth” centre and marveled at its architectural beauty which goes hand in hand with its ‘Go Green’ policy. It is a must see place for those who have an eye for naturalistic beauty.

The tours to Alfa Laval, RSB Transmissions, Automocion and Behr India were informative and educating. At RSB Transmissions, participants were thrilled to see Poka Yoke, applying simple and innovative ideas in each and every machine. Participants also learned the importance of doing Kaizen daily at the Gemba and also understood the importance of display boards and scheduling which helps the workers to know what work has to be performed at what time. Participants were excited to see the organized stores and the record room at Alfa Laval, where the inventory management was very efficient and impressing. Cleanliness in the company was immaculate and participants were very much awed by the cleanliness on the shop floor. The visit to Behr India has been fruitful from many angles and participants were very happy to see the V-Map prepared by involving the front line people, Visual Management across all the departments in the company was very much appreciated, Heijunka was like a bonus food for their thoughts. Gestamp thrilled the participants with its efficient zero WIP system and single digit change over mechanism. Many participants were confident on carrying away the wisdom from these tours to replicate it in their organization.

“We believe that true learning is through knowledge sharing. Our focus was to deliver a unique and unmatched experience for our participants and we are pleased to know that our event was held in such high regard by participants across all industries. It is clear that Lean Kaizen Mela is the preferred event for those looking forward to have a greater learning experience.” remarked Yogesh Vaghani, Chairman, Vedzen Institute and Ex-Chairman, DCCIA Pune.

The Vedzen Team thanks one and all, who supported the Lean Kaizen Mela 2012 and in accomplishment of its goals. It has been truly an honor to host the LKM 2012! We wish you the best for the upcoming endeavors. Now, let’s relive the moments through the beautiful snaps clicked during the LKM ’12. Check us out on our Facebook page to stay connected on our knowledge quest.


Pragadee Ramanathan.

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