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Lean Kaizen Mela 2012- A walk through the event

Sanat Sankrityayan 2012-07-06

Lean Kaizen Mela this year was held on June 22 and 23 at Suzlon Learning Centre “One Earth”, Opp. To Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune

DAY I – June 22


Opening Session


The theme of the VIIIth Lean Kaizen Mela was Power Through Principles, Process and People. Various eminent trainers and practitioners of Lean Kaizen from across the country attended the event. Our Chief Guest was Mr. Pradeep Kumar, CEO, Suzlon Energy Ltd. and other eminent guests included Mr. Sandeep Ghosh, CEO, Sahney Group, Mr. Shankara Narayana and Mr. H. P. Srivastava, Vice Chairman, DCCIA Pune. Mr. Yogesh Vaghani, Chairman, Vedzen Institute opened the ceremony through his welcome note on this year’s theme and made the participants aware about the importance of these three – Principles, Process and People in today’s highly competitive environment for the industries.

An oath was taken to eliminate the darkness and illuminate the world with positive energy. All the eminent guests were then invited to light the lamp.

Our First Speaker was Mr. Yogesh Vaghani, Director Vedzen Institute who spoke on Power Through Principles, Process and People. Through the wonderful example of Compass, he had conveyed the importance of Principles for the companies to grow which must be necessarily aligned to the need of the customer and what the customer wants. He had also thrown the light on the Lean processes which the organizations must be adapted to become world class. He also talked on the most important factor for any organization, People. Employees and Front-Line Workers should be engaged in the other important activities of the organization like strategy making and planning. Organizations should share the knowledge with their people and should give them the chance to grow with the organization.

Our Second Speaker was Mr. Shankaranarayana, RSB Transmission who had presented a fantastic business model which they are implementing in their company to make it a world class. He had given some wonderful insights how the company is working on reducing and removing the wastage. He had also showed through wonderful charts that How Total Employee Involvement has tremendously increased in his company. His speech was a good learning experience for all the participants.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar’s speech was an eye opening for all of us. He had fantastically compared the Indian and Chinese economy through some shocking numbers and gave some very good reasons why India is far behind China. He had given beautiful insights about Suzlon Learning Centre “One Earth” and how Suzlon has implemented Lean kaizen at their premise and what are the benefits company is enjoying.

Mr. Sandeep Ghosh of Sahney Group explained the importance of Client-Vendor relationship by sharing his own personal experiences and also explained that How Vendors and Suppliers can play an important role in the growth of any organization.

Day I – June 22

The Case Study Competition had started running parallarly in two Classrooms. Each classroom had some 7-8 companies from different sectors like Service, Manufacturing, Real State competing with their best case studies.

Simultaneously, in Chanakya Hall, Mr. Yogesh Vaghani and Laxman Gole spoke on Gandhian Leadership For Lean Leaders. They had briefly explained the 10 Lean Principles of Gandhiji through some fantastic examples of Gandhiji’s life. Through the example of Gandhiji’s life, they explained that people always respect the one who not only talks or a Talker but also a Doer and Leader should always be a Doer not just Talker, so that their followers will also own the same principles and slowly, the culture will get developed.

After the lunch break the sessions started simultaneously in two class rooms. In Classroom 1, companies like 3M India, Syntel Telecom, Kimberly-Clark, Sahney Kirkwood, Spicer India, Forbes Marshall had presented their case studies. In Classroom 2, companies like RSB Transmission, Western India Forgings, Honeywell Turbo, Burckhardt Compressions, TNQ Books, BEHR India and many more companies had presented their case studies.

A Case Study by a team from BEHR India, Pune was presented on “Increase in Plant Productivity by 35%”.

The Team from Forbes Marshall presented “To solve quality problems in Cage machining of control valve by improvement in tooling”.

“Social Engineering at MAS Linea Leather (now Crew PPO)” was a different kind of Case Study presented by Mr. Himanshu Raj and Varun, Chennai. It exemplified the compassionate extent to which one can go to create unique and useful solutions involving both social and corporate values.

RSB Transmission this year had come up with two case studies, first was “Problem Solving QC Story” which was based on improvement in internal quality by reducing the rejections and second was “SMED Project” where the company has improved the productivity of cylinder head by reduction in change over time.

Sahney Kirkwood Pvt. Ltd. presented the case study on “5S Implementation” and had shown various places like shop floor, sitting place, material storage place, resin storage and how they got benefited through 5S.

Burckhardt Compression’s team had presented the case study on “Frequent Wear of Piston Rings on Field”.

Running parallarly, in the Chanakya Hall was Mr. Amit Almal’s presentation presented on “Lean in Construction”. His workshop had helped in removing the myth of the people that Lean Kaizen can only be implemented in Manufacturing or Service sector only.

Concluding Session


Mr. Yogesh Vaghani concluded the session by thanking all the participants who came from different geographical locations to share and grow together through the platform of Lean Kaizen Mela and also emphasized on practicing Lean Kaizen tools at their premise to make the organization more flexible and productive.

Case Study Competition Awards were announced. The judges announced the results as following:

  1. Best Case Study : TNQ Books & Journals, Chennai
  2. First Runner-up : RSB Transmission, Pune
  3. Second Runner-up : 3M India, Pune

DAY II – June 23

On the second day, Vedzen Institute had kept for Best Factory Tours, where participants got the chance of visiting the factories which are practicing the World Class Lean Kaizen Tools like 5S, Visual Management, SMED, Poka-Yoke, etc. These companies have improved their productivity tremendously and are making their organization more flexible by practicing these Lean tools.

There were 2 routes which were available to the participants to choose from: Route A & Route B.

In Route A, participants had visited the following companies, Suzlon Learning Centre “One Earth” in the morning where participants had seen the Storm & Rain Water Management System, Efficient Sunlight Screening, Efficient Cooling System and many more features. Second was RSB Transmission in the post-lunch session where participants had the opportunity to see and learn Quality related improvements, how RSB is challenging Deming Award, TEI and many more.

In Route B, participants had visited three companies which are “Alfa Laval India” in the morning session where they got the opportunity to see the Organized stores, 5S Implementation, Cellular boards, VMS.

In the post lunch session, participants visited “Gestamp Automocion India” which is a key supplier to Volkswagen, Mercedes and many other big names in the Auto Industry. Gestamp had given a wonderful presentation on reducing the wastage of food in their canteen and how the cost has suddenly reduced so much. Gestamp had also given some insights on how Gestamp is managing ‘Zero WIP’ and also the Man-power cost is very low which maximizes the profit of the company.

In the end, after getting a good learning experience from Gestamp, participants had visited BEHR India in Chakan which is known for their brilliant Visual Management System. Participants learned that how good VMS can help in coordinating and conveying the message to the workers and employees. Participants were awe after seeing the cleanliness and sitting arrangement made on the shop-floor surrounding by different plants. They had also seen the Heijunka (Load levelling) and Alignment to Goals and Objectives Pyramid.


Harsh Gupta.

Lean Kaizen Practitioner.

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