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Lean Kaizen Mela 2011

Sanat Sankrityayan 2011-04-08

Theme: Lean Leadership

2011 marks a decade where we have access to the best of technology and resources, moreover a free flowing global economy. Our thinking is exploratory rather than definitive on the state of global economy.

Businesses Today

The businesses of the last decade are still there nevertheless struggling to find a foothold in the era of open markets and free trade economy.

How does a business set up in the Latin America become an arch-rival of any set up in India? A Spanish firm may feel threatened by some South African Start up. Cairns proposed take over by Vedanta, Jaguar by Tata, Patni by iGate – many more examples today shine on the global platform standing witness to the ever-emerging flat world.

The Competitive Edge

The businesses are no longer playing their cards close to their hearts. The competitive edge of yonder days is weaning away. It has become a level playing ground.

Need of the Times

Businesses today are in need of a visionary, someone who can dream and has an inclusive idea. One who can lead, and that too from the front, is the most prized catch today. Leaders cannot be manufactured, unlike managers. Leaders are developed, nurtured over series of doom and boom periods. Leadership is the most definitive advantage on today’s corporate scene.

Lean in 2011

Today lean is somewhat of a religious philosophy, with numerous followers—each of which strongly believes in the doctrine, but with their own spin on how the doctrine should be implemented into the lives of its followers. The result is that the version of lean being used in many organizations is quite distanced from the original Toyota version. This is because of collaborative innovation.

What are we looking for

What we are looking for in this year’s LKM is a symposium of Lean Kaizen Practitioners who have created Lean Leadership as an Advantage by rewriting the rules of the game.

Leadership as Advantage

Leadership is inspiration, foresight and grit commitment. Going by the example of Mahatma Gandhi, a Leader is the one who carries the cross of change on his shoulder however with unflinching determination against all odds. For Gandhi, the involvement of the people is where it all began like the farmer visit, harijan visit, muslim affiliation and government’s involvement. Gandhi demonstrated that Leadership is not in the position, neither in the influence nor in the tactics.

We are in search of people who have gone beyond their archetype roles and have created enterprises that can surpass all boundaries of traditional business intelligence.

Lean Leaders are those rare talents, who can incorporate Lean Kaizen for their followers in the most productive manner. Most adherents see their lean implementations as something “only useful for the production floor.” We see lean as a companywide tool also a determinant for Overall Growth Strategy.

Lean Kaizen Mela 2011

We wish to create a universal platform where Lean Leaders come together and share their experience to learn and grow together. Research indicates that the greatest theories of the world were animated through shared learning.

It is to be conducted on June 10-11, 2011 at Hotel Four Points by Sheraton, Pune. First day will host Workshops, Case Study Competition Factory Tours and Awards. Second day will be on the similar schedule.

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