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Gandhi Parikrama for Global Peace

Sanat Sankrityayan 2011-01-27


A seven member team from GANDHI PARIKRAMA FOR GLOBAL PEACE visited to Agakhan Palace on 17th January, 2011. They were in city to spread the massage of global peace and communal harmony the Gandhian way.They have traveled across 18 states since October 17 and will complete their round trip by 30th January, 2011.


Mr. P. Maruti, national convenor of the forum invited Mr. Laxman Gole who is Gandhian retainer. On 17th January, 2011 Mr. Gole from Vedzen Institute visited to Agakhan Palace. He was with the member of Agakhan Palace to receive the member of Global Parikrama. By following the Gandhiji’s rules he is also spreading the massage of peace in his society.



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