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Feedback from Kran Rader – LKM for Gemba Owners 2014

Piyush 2015-02-12

Dear Readers,

We are receiving feedback from the participants of Lean Kaizen Mela for Gemba Owners 2014. We’ll keep on posting them on our blog for our readers. This feedback came from Mr. Nitin Rajore, CEO, Kran Rader who was very impressed. The team from Kran Rader who participated in the Mela also sent their feedback. Let’s read them…


Dear Mr. Yogesh Vaghani,

I thank you for your invitation at the LKM and appreciate our warm recep_MG_7615tion and honour granted to me. I personally was very impressed with the presentations and speeches in the opening session. It was very motivating and thought provoking.

My staff have benefited immensely by the case studies and the interaction with others in the seminar. Their notes are self explanatory.  I will forward some suggestions coming out of the day’s proceedings shortly.

Keep us posted on such events at Vedzen.


Nitin Rajore

CEO, Kran Rader, Western India Forgings Group

  Lean Kaizen Mela Feedback

 Abhijit Deori says: It was really pleasure for us to attend the Kaizen Mela on 18th Jan 2014. For me it was 1sttime I have attended Kaizen seminar and really it was a brainstorming session. Through Case studies we have learnt how we can improve our processes conducting combine observation, analysis and careful implementation. In case study we have observed that tremendous improvement can be done whatsoever the organization is into, only needs and support from the management to do study processes, problems, constraint and ready for investment if require.

My learning: Leaning never stop, need to have positive attitude taking responsibilities, one will never fail.

Thank you for giving these opportunities.

 Parag Kumbhar: LKM was good. Presented case studies were found very effective and productivity wise excellent result. All case inspired for team work and process improvement, which make employee satisfaction and good employee bonding and encourages doing different on regular basis. There are many areas we need to improve and those will make tremendous changes and increase productivity remarkable.

Santosh Chandhare: 2014 LKM GO found good compare to last LKM. Through the session I have got many information and practical knowledge through case studies presented by the various companies. So many things we have learnt, type of issues and how to overcome of it. All process improvement case studies have shown to us were tremendous productivity have been achieved within minimum time frame. After attending Kaizen Mela I found that so many processes we have to improve. I have also learnt that in our day to day activities we are always doing the Kaizen activities only things is that team members need to co-operate and co-ordinate in activities and each and every one should have responsibilities for their own processes. There are so many processes we have to improve to increase productivity and save time and cost.

 Sarjerao Yadav: LKM GO was good and got opportunity to learn new things. LKM focused on team work and coordination among team (Department). Encourage to do improvement at shop floor along with safety, reduce rework and improvement of quality. Case studies showed how to increase productivity doing modification in machines and processes. It was good experience to see many companies improvement and how they have find out problems and solved it.

 Jaydeep Shinde: LKM was quite interesting and lots of kaizen we have seen and lot thing we have learnt to improve the production processes. Lecture given by the chief guest regarding production improvement and processes improvement and their experience and example were really motivated. About the case studies, almost all cases have been done good and excellent improvement observed. I have attended for the first time and its help me lots to understand and improve the processes in my department.  Next time we would like to present case studies. I would like to discuss with my managers regarding the same as I have got many areas for improvement.

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