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Case Study Competition at LKM GO 2015

Piyush 2014-11-04

Hello Friends,

I take the privilege, on behalf of Vedzen Institute and DCCIA Pune, of inviting you to present a case study at the Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners 2015.

Nothing is more satisfying than achieving the right results for our efforts; so you must prepare case studies of the most successful project of your organization where the following can be demonstrated.

  1. Effective Change for Better
  2. Converting problems into opportunity
  3. People Effort & Involvement
  4. Seeking a new & successful avenue
  5. Results in all measures

Categories: Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety

The Case Study shall be judged on the following criteria. The relevant weight age is also given.

  1. Objective: – 20
  2. Process Methodology: – 30
  3. Before & After Pictures, Videos: – 10
  4. Analysis: – 10
  5. Results: – 20
  6. Sustenance / Conclusion: – 10

Some Crucial Information for you: -

  1. The case study presentation shall be on 9th       Jan, 2015 Synergy Hall, Suzlon Excellence Academy, Hadapsar, Pune.
  2. The time slot shall be according to your registration sequence.
  3. Maximum of 15 minutes shall be allowed to one case study.
  4. Minimum of 2 people can come to present the case study. Maximum limit is 4 people.
  5. Two independent judges shall be judging the case studies. Their decisions will be final and non-appealable by any party at Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners 2015.
  6. Use MS-PowerPoint format. We shall keep a copy of your presentation.
  7. I am providing you with two templates for easy reference. You may use a template of your company or any of your choice.

Here are some suggestions to make Case Study better.

  1. Give it a self-explanatory title.
  2. Use more of Audio Visual aids.
  3. Use accurate and short sentences to explain.
  4. Bullet points help in highlighting the feature.
  5. Use proper greetings & introduction.

Benefits of participation:

1. Participation Certificates to all

2. Opportunity to attend one of our Gemba Kaizen Workshops within one year of Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners 2015, free of Cost.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

Thanking you,

Piyush Pandey,

Convenor, Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners 2015

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