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A note on Implementing Lean Kaizen

Sanat Sankrityayan 2015-08-28

Lean Kaizen is a management philosophy quite different from the traditional; indeed it is not just a philosophy but a complete way of life. To understand this, is to understand the vital role of ‘waste’ elimination in manufacturing as well as service. Adding value, by eliminating the process waste is the name of the game.

A Paradigm Shift is a must. Lean thinking provides this alternate. Many tenets of traditional manufacturing get turned on their heads. These include operational issues such as, top-down hierarchy works best, dependence on individuals not the system, increased quality means increase in cost, large batch sizes are economical, resources need scant respect, intuition driven production scheduling techniques, shop-floor layout is unimportant, building excess inventory is in order, training is a waste of time and so on.

Lean thinking brings about several changes in the current management paradigms of most organizations. Emphasis is placed on specifying value from the customer’s point of view i.e.: making available to him that which he wants, when he wants it, in the quantity he wants & lastly at the price he is willing to pay.

 We would be playing three roles in Lean Implementation:

  • Our first role would be that of a Team Member. We would work together with the team deployed at the Gemba (the Real Workplace) to effect changes in Real terms.
  • Secondly we would play the role of being the Coach to the Project team. As a Coach, we would be providing guidelines, training, assistance and moral support.
  • And lastly we would play the role of a ‘Guru’. Guru is different from a Coach. In literal terms a ‘guru is the dispeller of darkness’.

To Realize the Goals:

  • Kaizen
  • Identify, reduce and eliminate waste leading to process simplification, standardization,

o   Improve through put time and employees satisfaction

o   (3 MU’s – Muda (Waste), Mura (Inconsistence), Muri (Strain)

  •  Lean Manufacturing

o   Redesign operations flow to enhance Manufacturing Velocity

o   Create pull strategy to reduce inventory and eliminate waste

o   Drive operations management close to perfections

o   Achieve enhanced through put time from customer’s point of view

  •   World Class Management

o   5 “S” in action

o   Performance + perception indicators

o   Breaking the barriers

o   Leading to capacity creation + utilization with marginal investment.

We shall be using participative methods of implementation (Methodology):

  • Learning By Doing – Rolling our sleeves to dirty our hands.
  • With such hand-holding the improvements are swift, yet achieved at a low cost. The approach is simple yet significant, the effects are measurable and sustainable as demonstrated vide Deming’s PDCA Cycle.
  • We shall be using the world-renowned, as well as the most effective technique called Gemba Kaizen Workshop (GKW)

Vedzen Program Design:

The Vedzen Lean Management Initiative does not run counter to any other improvement techniques (ISO, Six Sigma, TPM etc.) being pursued in any organization, on the contrary our activity is complementary to all such efforts.

The Program is being conducted by the ‘Vedzen Institute’ run by Mr. Yogesh Vaghani, Director (Milton, Pune), who is now committed fulltime to the spread of this cause, as a higher ideal in his personal life.

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