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Testimonials & Feedback Blog

Feedback from Kran Rader – LKM for Gemba Owners 2014

Piyush 2015-02-12

Dear Readers, We are receiving feedback from the participants of Lean Kaizen Mela for Gemba Owners 2014. We’ll keep on posting them on our blog for our readers. This feedback came from ...
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Feedback from Vedzen Enterprises – LKM for Gemba Owners 2014 – I

Piyush 2015-02-13

  Dear Readers, Here we are sharing the feedback received from Vedzen Enterprises who participated in Lean Kaizen Mela for Gemba Owners 2014 held at Suzlon One Earth on January 18th. Ma...
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Feedback from Jaideep Plastics – LKM for Gemba Owners 2014 – II

Piyush 2014-02-13

Dear Readers, We received a fresh feedback. Mr Prakash Bhise from Jaideep Plastics shared his experience and the benefits gained at the Lean Kaizen Mela for Gemba Owners 2014. Let’s read his ...
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Prepare for One Piece Flow Manufacturing for Robust Production and Operational Excellence

Sanat Sankrityayan 2015-10-03

Isolated Islands of Production facility may build up within a factory over time. We must keep on curing the creation of a monument within a process anywhere in the factory. Any pocket of excellenc...
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Lean in Hospitality

Piyush 2015-10-03

The Indian hospitality industry is growing at an incredible rate! The 2014 report published by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India states that the number of domestic tourist visits ...
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What every individuals should do to save water!

Piyush 2015-10-03

Our planet is surrounded by trillion liters of water but only a portion of it is fit for drinking. It is as much essential for our living as for industrial enterprise. Over the last few decades water ...
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Celebrating DCCIA Lifetime Achievement Award

Piyush 2015-10-03

The 12th Annual Award Function of Deccan Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture Pune was held on 16th August, 2015 at Hotel Hyatt Regency in Pune. His Excellenc...
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