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Transforming the work culture by building a strong and competent team for continual improvement

EssEss is a prime manufacturer, supplier and exporter of bathroom fittings, accessories and allied hardware with multi-store presence across India

Sector: Bathroom fittings, accessories and allied hardware Manufacturer

Engagement: 1 years

Workplace: 1 Facilities

Website: http://www.essessindia.com/



  • Improve productivity
  • Create workplace excellence
  • Reduce rework & rejection
  • Reduce customer complaints


  • High Inventory and Workplace Improvement
  • Quality related Problem
  • High Customer Complaints
  • High Material Movement
  • Non effective utilization of resources


  • Value Stream Mapping & Analysis to identify waste in production process
  • Time motion study
  • Mindset change program for cultural change
  • Low cost automation
  • Structured problem solving and root cause analysis
  • Design of plant layout


  • Assembly output is increase by 30 %
  • Set Sales target is achieved despite of 50 % reduction in WIP inventory
  • 50 % space got released in assembly section and 30 % in casting section
  • Rejections came down from 20 % to 14 % within two quarters

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