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Operational Excellence in Construction

We were invited and encouraged to conduct a Lean Diagnosis of the Construction Value Adding Velocity of the Site. What surfaced out of the diagnosis is given here. The construction/ execution at site were delayed due to gaps in communication & co-ordination and largely for the want of right attitude for excellence. The site was cluttered where various types of material were getting mixed up & wasted while handling.

The amount of rework or snags was quite high hence multiple levels of Quality inspections were performed. The required skill set in Laborers or mostly availability of Laborers was also a recurring concern. The major problems faced by the organisation were:- Delays in execution due to various reasons - Gaps in Collaboration, Coordination and Communication - Construction Snags / Rework - Excessive Non Value Adding Activities or Muda Our Approach:

  1. Our Team of Consultants visited the site and conducted the Lean Diagnostic Assessment to\nDetermining the status in comparison to \"world class\" organizations. Identifying and prioritizing the areas where Lean Kaizen effort is most required. Familiarizing with the Management Team and Management Systems.
  2. The Consultants mapped existing processes and reviewed the documentation available(\"as is\" study)
  3. Based on the due diligence and client requirements, project plan was framed for successful. transition with broad responsibilities, time frames and costs including factors that could impact productivity, quality, contractor partnering and inventory de-risking strategies, review of implementation options, service requirements and expectations.

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