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Lean Supply Chain Management (Transportation)

Satish Cargo & Transport is a Pune based supply chain solutions provider. With expertise developed over five decades, it has a large fleet of more than 450 customized vehicles consisting of both containers carrying trucks & car carriers trucks.



  • Workplace improvement
  • Improve store & spares inventory management
  • Engine repair/servicing workshop management
  • Yard management
  • Billing Process simplification



  • Traditional Work culture
  • Cluttered parking & workshop area
  • Lack of basic 5’S in the workshop operations
  • High Inventory at store
  • High Purchase cost monthly around @ Rs. 40 Lacs before Apr ’18
  • No System for procurement
  • Weak interfaces between operations and workshops team



  • Capability Building – Training and development of drivers, supervisors & managers
  • Cross-functional action team
  • 5 ‘S & Visual Management in-store & workshop
  • System for Procuring the spare parts
  • System for Issuing the parts to workshop
  • Billing Process Simplification and standardization



  • One time saving of Rs.6 Lacs through 5 'S
  • Savings in monthly purchasing by Rs.15 Lacs
  • Engine repairing/servicing lead time reduces from 10 days to 5 days
  • Improvement in yard management & space availability
  • Bill to cash cycle improves from 25 days to 5 days
  • Boost of Morale in the organization and culture change


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