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Lean Retail – Titan Eye Plus

Titan Eye Plus, the eyewear business from Titan Company, was launched in March 2007. The move was an initiative to redefine the industry and straddle the marketplace with exacting quality standards, unparalleled in India’s prescription eyewear industry. Titan Eye Plus has over 550 exclusive stores operating in over 229 cities and offers a wide range of stylish and contemporary eyewear.

Sector: Retail Service

Engagement: 1 year

Workplace: 3 Facilities

Website: https://www.titaneyeplus.com/


  • Workplace improvement
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce inventory or (optimize Inventory)
  • Standardize the process
  • Cultural change



  • Existing Policies have no end date for the relevance of the files and folders related to accounting, and expenses.
  • Files and Folders are random places for storing data, and follows no centralized formatting from where it can be controlled.
  • High inventory for accounting books, cash memos, receipt books were found, where the store manager had no inkling of where it should go.
  • Maintenance Schedule for the upkeep of the storage areas was found missing, was roughly in place for electrical and electronics but not for keeping the files in place.
  • Assets were not maintained as per the Maintenance Required by the Asset.
  • Existing entries related to in-out of the employees and attendance are done on registers, manually and with low visibility.
  • Customer Interaction is not recorded, analyzed and used for better sales performance.



  • Set policies
  • Inventory management system for stationary & Kanban system
  • 5 S & Red tag campaign
  • Visual Management
  • Maintenance Schedule must be prepared for cross-functional approvals related to all the assets, and products in the stores (Maintenance schedule, cross functional team formation, spares management)
  • Biometric attendance system
  • Daily, weekly & monthly appreciation for good work



  • More than 8 Lakhs rupees are recovered from uncounted inventory
  • Safety at the workplace improved
  • Space within the space created 120 sq. feet lunchroom for staff
  • The extra inventory found which were uncounted
  • 3 Boxes of CPP FB cases found
  • 15 registers at security reduced to 5
  • Intangible benefit, better team work and high motivation
  • Total employee involvement in continuous improvement

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