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Lean Manufacturing - Syntel Telecom

Syntel is the Telecom division of Arvind Limited, flagship Company of the Ahmedabad based Lalbhai Group, one of India’s most respected industrial houses with revenues exceeding USD 1 billion.

Syntel commenced operations in 1989 as a CDoT licensee for Digital Public and Private Switching equipment. Within a few years of the technology transfer, Syntel established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of the CDoT256 port Rural Automatic Xchanges


Sector:  Electronic Manufacturing

Engagement:  3 years

Workplace:  2 Facilities

Website: http://synteltelecom.com/



  • Kaizen implementation for productivity & quality improvement
  • On-time delivery
  • Create workplace excellence
  • Cost optimization
  • Process improvement
  • Total flow management



  • Cluttered workplace
  • Incorrect plant layout
  • High WIP
  • Poor cost of quality



  • 5S implementation
  • Streamline the process flow
  • Design plant layout
  • Kaizen implementation
  • Application of lean tools
  • Kanban & visual management



  • Saved manufacturing area required from 25000 sq. ft. to 6500 sq. ft. with 20% additional capacity creation
  • The number of manufacturing stages was reduced from 8 to just 3
  • Monthly overheads are reduced by 39%
  • Reduction in field failure in NEOS & Analog by 66%
  • Admin cost reduction by 12 lacs per year
  • Improvement in inventory turn ratio by 23%
  • Productivity improvement by 100%
  • The organization got 5S certification
  • Reduction in process rejection by 47%

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