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Lean Manufacturing - Praj HiPurity System


Praj HiPurity Systems is an end-to-end solutions provider to the Bio-pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetics, Healthcare and F&B sectors for Sterile Process Water Generation, Water for Injection, Storage and Distribution System, CIP/SIP, Systems for Core Processes, Wastewater Treatment, etc.


Sector: Equipment Manufacturing

Engagement:  2 years

Workplace:  1 Facility

Website: https://www.prajhipurity.net/



  • Create a great place to work for our people
  • Continual improvement to delight the customer
  • Three-fold increment in the top line
  • Implement world-class practices



  • Systems failing to cater needs
  • High inventory blocking funds
  • Underutilized facilities
  • High throughput time
  • Weak supply chain
  • Increased competition
  • Unclear roles & responsibilities
  • Rising cost
  • Changing customer needs



  • Synchronization of coordination and communication system (clear job description, roles & responsibilities)
  • Workplace excellence through 5 S
  • Implementation of the visual management system (morning & evening meet)
  • Implementation of operations management system through flow implementation
  • Total employee involvement (TEI)
  • Pull production & supply chain management
  • Workstation design & material handling system
  • Asset management
  • Culture development



  • Productivity improvement by 47%
  • Workplace Excellence (Improvement in 5S audit score by 80%)
  • Quality Improvement (Reduction in rejection/rework by 100%)
  • Achieve on-time delivery by 93%
  • Inventory reduction by 49%
  • OEE improvement by 38%

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