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Lean Manufacturing - Milton Plastics Ltd

Milton plastics Ltd, Pune started operations at its new plant in 1994, with the goal to be the leading operator of its kind in the nation. Insulated containers, thermos ware and special-purpose containers for drugs and vaccines are manufactured at the automated facility, more than 300 people well qualified technical and support staff were employed at the plant.


Sector: Plasticware Manufacturing

Engagement:  5 years

Workplace:  1 Facility

Website: https://www.mplindia.in/



  • Reduce inventory
  • Reduce the cost of manufacturing
  • Enhance communication
  • Supply chain management
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce batch size in injection
  • “Zero waste & right cost”
  • Throughput time reduction



  • Not meeting quality goals
  • Production quantity was below potential
  • Untraceable seepage of energy 
  • The cost was going up
  • Rejection was increasing
  • Raw material wasted
  • Excess manpower
  • Overtime was rising



  • 5S implementation
  • Spaghetti diagram of existing process flow
  • Value stream mapping (VSM)
  • Just in Time (JIT) system to eliminate 8 types of waste
  • Policy deployment approach
  • One-piece flow system implementation
  • Kanban system (Pull) implementation
  • Single minute exchange of die (SMED) system
  • TPM system implementation
  • Activity-based costing system



  • Floor space use decreased by more than 50%
  • Spaghetti diagram helps to visualize the source of waste, identify bottlenecks & provide a common platform & communication system.
  • Throughput time reduced from 12 days to 5 hours
  • WIP inventory reduced by 97%
  • Total inventory reduced by 72%
  • Manpower productivity improve by 280%
  • Value-added per employee up by 17 times
  • Quality rejection rate reduces from 12% to less than 1%
  • OEE rose to 78% from 40%
  • Average changeover time down by more than 75%
  • Created factory within the factory

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