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Lean Manufacturing - Automotive Stamping and Assembly Limited (ASAL)

Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Limited (ASAL) is a TACO group company, manufacturer and supplier of sheet metal components, welded assemblies and modules for automobiles. The product range includes Body-In-White (BIW) structural panels, Skin panels, Fuel tanks, Oil sumps & Suspension parts, mainly for passenger and commercial vehicles.


Sector: Automotive Manufacturing

Engagement:  1 year

Workplace:  1 Facility

Website: http://www.autostampings.com/



  • Growth & cultural change
  • Become a world-class organization
  • Improve OEE



  • Cluttered workplace
  • High WIP inventory
  • The high cost of quality
  • High breakdown



  • 5 S implementation & visual management
  • Implementation VSM & Identification of waste
  • Implementation of the inventory management system
  • Production maintenance partnership



  • Employees have come around in a spirit of spontaneously working for the growth of the company.
  • Improved safety & discipline amongst the worker
  • The house-keeping on the shop-floor has improved by miles
  • Reduced wastes from processes with quality improvement
  • Inventory reduced by 41%
  • Free-up space from shop-floor by 36%
  • The culture changed in the organization
  • OEE improved from 53% to 66%

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