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Lean Manufacturing - Ventures Unlimited

Ventures Unlimited has initiated the manufacturing of “Automobile & White-Line components” under VEDZEN Enterprises in Pune. In 2006, Ventures acquired Jaideep Plastics situated at Satara. Vishal ambitious plans turned Jaideep which was only in Injection Moulding into one of the very few companies in India comprising of Injection molding, Pressure Forming & Vaccum Forming. A complete unit that can cater to all kinds of food packaging with aesthetic value.


Sector: Plasticware Manufacturing

Engagement:  5 years

Workplace:  2 Facilities

Website: http://www.venturesunlimited.in/



  • Improve productivity
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce lead time
  • Optimize process
  • Create workplace excellence
  • Improve customer satisfaction



  • Lower productivity
  • Higher lead time
  • Cluttered workplace
  • Higher breakdown time
  • Higher cost of quality 
  • Customer complaints related to quality & delivery



  • Cultural change through 5 S & Mindset change
  • Kaizen for continual improvement
  • Total flow management system
  • Visual Management in the factory
  • Kanban system to reduce inventory
  • Poka-Yoke for mistake proofing
  • Implementation of World-class manufacturing system
  • SMED system
  • TPM system



  • Productivity Improved by 41%
  • Reduction in lead time  
  • Improve quality at lower cost
  • Worker engagement has gone up to 83%
  • Company culture has transformed
  • Company achieved “Top quality supplier rating” from client
  • Changeover time reduced from 2 hours to 15 min
  • OEE improve by 23%
  • Improve customer satisfaction 

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