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Lean Healthcare - Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic is Pune’s first nationally accredited multi-specialty hospital with an international repute among patients with its empathetic and effective medical care services. It started as a nursing home with just two beds in 1959, under the steward leadership of Dr. K.B. Grant, and is now counted amongst one of the premier hospitals in India.

Sector: Healthcare

Engagement: 1 month

Clinic: Bund Garden Road

Website: https://rubyhall.com/



  • Improve quality, patient safety, and employee satisfaction.
  • Reduce billing cycle time by 50%.
  • Reduces discharge process time by 50%.
  • Reduce total time at drug store-1 by 50%.
  • Medicine store process improvement.
  • Inventory management at the medicine store.



  • Interim and final billing time is 28 hours
  • High workload during peak hours.
  • Too many hands-off between the process.
  • Customer waiting time in the queue at the medicine store is high.
  • Lack of housekeeping in public areas like Reception, Respective Departments and Offices
  • Slower medicine delivery, chaos, and crowd during pick hour, medicine availability.



  • Training, Coaching & Handholding of billing staff, sisters, doctors, ward doctors, medicine departments, discharge department and the participation of CFT during the workshop
  • Work balancing between peak hours & nonpeak hours.
  • Formulating SOP’s for the billing process, Discharge process, Store process, etc.
  • Focused improvement workshop.
  • Layout design for workflow, file storage, etc.
  • 5 ‘S’ & Visual Management.



  • The billing process is more evenly spread out between peak hour & non-peak hour leading to better cash flow.
  • Interim and final billing time reduced to 15 hours.
  • Customer waiting time in the queue at the medicine store is reduced by 40%.
  • The discharge process time is less than one hour.
  • Team building and problem-solving ability improved.

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