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Lean Construction for Cultural Change at Megapolis-Hinjewadi

Lean Construction for cultural excellence at Megapolis a residential township

Megapolis is a residential township in Pune, India. It is located along the outskirts of Pune, in Hinjewadi. The township is being built in 150 acres at an estimated cost of 1,500 crores. It is developed by Pegasus Properties, a joint venture of Kumar Properties and ABIL Group. The engagement is started in 2017 to the present day.

Sector: Construction Industry

Engagement: 2 years

Workplace: 2 sites



  • Implement lean tools for cultural change and capability improvement
  • Eliminate the gap of communication & coordination for project delivery
  • Create lean-kaizen paradigm for creating excellence in construction processes


  • Delays in Project delivery
  • Low realization in the execution of a plan
  • Low productivity among the workforce
  • Gaps in collaboration, coordination and communication
  • High non-value-adding activities causing rework/rejection
  • Total employee satisfaction or motivation level is very low


  • Training & Empowerment programme for staff, contractor, supplier and labour
  • Create a visual site through Visual Management
  • GKW projects for continuous improvement
  • Developed SOPs to reduce rework/rejection and standardized tasks
  • Success Stories were told, retold to all team members
  • Collaborative project planning (From top management to contract labour everyone is involved in planning)
  • Partnering with Contractor and Supplier for on-time delivery of material
  • Developed Gandhian Servant Leadership practices
  • Started Employee appreciation awards to motivate employees.
  • We create 5 step model for lean construction excellence & house of lean construction excellence


  • Create a culture of simultaneous improvement in work through "First time Right"
  • Stable & standard processes for managing project delivery
  • Supplier and contractor as Partners for project delivery
  • Collaborative Planning System brought the execution assurance to the level of 85% Percentage Planned complete (PPC)
  • On the worksite excellence front, 5S audit score is consistently above 70%
  • On the leadership front, the GSL audit score is above 80%


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