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Creating excellence in the operational endeavors of Small Business Units in Pune

Autopress Ltd is small entrepreneurial business unit located in the outskirt industrial area near Pune. They in the business of manufacturing high quality stainless steel, Cookware utensils and Pressure cookers.

Sector: Kitchen Utensils Manufacturer

Engagement: 2 years

Workplace: 1 Facilities

Website: https://www.stahlkitchens.com/


  • Increase Revenue by 25% per year
  • Expand production capacity without putting any major investment
  • Establish on time and in full quantity dispatches as per customer orders within 72 hours of order
  • Develop rapidly new varieties of product ranges to significantly increase presence in the market and establishing Valued Brand
  • To become preferred supplier of top two Cookware companies within two years


  • High Changeover time
  • High Rework and Rejection
  • High lead time
  • High Inventory and Workplace Improvement
  • New product development


  • Work order planning and visual daily work planning
  • Small batch production with reduced changeover time
  • Train people on multiskilling with handholding
  • Line balancing
  • Rework / Rejection reduction and standardization of process
  • Outsourcing and Vendor development


  • Annual sales increase by 15 % in first year and followed by 25 % in the next year
  • Market spread increase from 6 states to 12 states
  • Product SKU increases to 82 SKU from 62 SKU within two years
  • WIP units marginally reduces to 2400 units from 18000 units to free space and cash
  • Raw material variety reduces to 170 from 270

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