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Creating Excellence in the Operational Endeavors of Small Business Units in Pune

Autopress Ltd is a small entrepreneurial business unit located in the outskirt industrial area near Pune. They in the business of manufacturing high-quality stainless steel, Cookware utensils and Pressure cookers.

Sector: Kitchen Utensils Manufacturer

Engagement: 2 years

Workplace: 1 Facilities

Website: https://www.stahlkitchens.com/


  • Increase Revenue by 25% per year
  • Expand production capacity without putting any major investment
  • Establish on time and in full quantity dispatches as per customer orders within 72 hours of order
  • Develop rapidly new varieties of product ranges to significantly increase presence in the market and establishing Valued Brand
  • To become preferred supplier of top two Cookware companies within two years


  • High Changeover time
  • High Rework and Rejection
  • High lead time
  • High Inventory and Workplace Improvement
  • New product development


  • Work order planning and visual daily work planning
  • Small batch production with reduced changeover time
  • Train people on multiskilling with handholding
  • Line balancing
  • Rework / Rejection reduction and standardization of process
  • Outsourcing and Vendor development


  • Annual sales increase by 15 % in the first year and followed by 25 % in the next year
  • Market spread increase from 6 states to 12 states
  • Product SKU increases to 82 SKU from 62 SKU within two years
  • WIP units marginally reduce to 2400 units from 18000 units to free space and cash
  • Raw material variety reduces to 170 from 270



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