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Case Study On Lean Manufacturing Implementation in Healthcare

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Abaris Healthcare is leading pharmaceutical company based in Ahmedabad manufacturing Intravenous fluids of both types – small & large volume parenteral.

Sector: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Engagement: 2 years

Workplace: 2 Facilities




  • Instill lean culture across the organisation focused on improving efficiency
  • Improve operating margins through increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Increase effectiveness of sales personnel through implementation of standardized order processes
  • Improve compliance with GMP through changes in manufacturing ops and the change control process
  • Reduce inventory in packing materials, engineering spares & improve inventory turns



  • Maintaining focus on lean projects in a period of rapid growth and change
  • Ensuring project leaders and team members have time available to work on projects
  • Employee retention after upskilling



  • The programme was successfully deployed across the entire organisation – Operations, QA/QC, Engineering, Sales, HR, Finance, Planning and Marketing
  • A “can do” attitude and proactive problem-solving culture has been ingrained
  • Use of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) for rapid problem solving across the organisation
  • 20 Lean silver practitioners trained and certified
  • The entire organisation has been trained to at least Bronze level in Lean



  • The programme has delivered Rs 20,67,437 of savings as of June 2018
  • These comprise Kaizen improvements & Lean silver & bronze projects



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