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Webinar on "Lean Construction: How lessons from Manufacturing can improve Construction!"

Post COVID-19: Gear up Series 



Date: 1st July 2020

Time: 11.00 AM - 12.00 PM

*No participation Fees!

In the gone decades the Manufacturing Industry has benefited so much by adopting lean thinking – the philosophy of minimizing waste (the 8 waste) to maximize customer value. Almost every manufacturing industry has adopted it – Auto-makers, Auto-ancillaries, OEMs, Foundries, pharmaceuticals, and more – everybody has tried it to increase productivity, quality, delivery, and so on. It has been very effective in giving them a long-term direction, customer satisfaction, cost reduction, improved profits, and definitely made them employee-oriented.

Has the construction sector adopted Lean systems! Yes, but only a handful of Indian companies have done so!

We, at Vedzen Consulting, have helped some organizations solve their business problems through lean thinking and created a culture of continuous improvement aka Kaizen. 

If you would like to know “how lean thinking can be adopted in construction”, this webinar is a must-attend one!



Mr. Piyush Pandey

Sr Lean Practitioner 

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