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Webinar on “Discover Means To Save Significant Money For The Company From Your Operations!”

Post COVID-19: Factories Gear up Series part-2

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Date: 10Th June 2020

Time: 11.30 AM-12.30 PM


*No participation fess!


Almost all businesses are under tremendous pressure of uncertainty and a global downturn in demand.

Swadeshi, Make in India, Local to Global, all these dreams are feel-good factors. Can business run just on great emotions & intentions? It needs competitiveness, hard work, and consistency in our business world and industry leaders will have to take a direct head on to face the situation created by a pandemic.

Entrepreneurs alone cannot fight this battle. They will need a smart; more advanced skilled workforce at all levels. They will have to acquire new skills that are relevant to the emerging economic environment.

We at Vedzen Lean Consulting Group are committed to step out and contribute to the national initiative of skill development. In continuation of our last week's webinar, we are taking the flag forward with a new topic to advance this Skill development mission.

Please join us for a 60 minutes Webinar, with a very hot and relevant topic. All Entrepreneurs, Managers, Engineers can benefit from this webinar.



Mr Anup Gandhi 

Sr. Principal Practitioner at Vedzen Consulting Group 




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