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Visual Management at Construction Site


A strategy for when things are volatile Construction industry is highly volatile in nature. Labour force is dynamic and labor is changing more frequently. When team members are changes and other team members are busy with their task it is very difficult to work in such a complex and fast-moving work culture. Meanwhile, leaders and managers will face more work, communication requirement and more questions from their team. So what will do for them to keep sustainability in their project?

Vedzen is a team of Lean Practitioners focus on Lean Construction through Visual Management. It means that important information is communicated visually through things like communication board, Collaborative planning system (Last Planner System), schedule updates, notice boards, performance metrics, PPC board, safety board, Visual signboard, etc. This type of communication is especially important when the workforce is dynamic. New team members will have questions and need to understand the priorities and objectives of the project.

We are practicing Visual Management at our client’s project through the Collaborative Planning system, PPC, Constraint Management, weekly work plan, Six-week look ahead plan, Safety board, daily standup meeting, and Visual signboards.

Visual Management is about communicating and enabling the team to deliver a performance improvement over time. Visual Management involves doing four things:

  • Visual Displays are wall-mounted boards used to map the process plan, track the activity and indicate performance, which normally updated monthly, weekly and daily for more dynamic information.  Visual displays are centrally located communication points ( Planner room) consist of the following information: safety issue, site attendance, Key milestones, phase handover notes, reminders, PPC, Tool task schedule, Non-conformance report, contractor performance indicator, Continuous improvement activity, and cost information.


  • Collaborative Planner Standup Meeting are regular and mandatory meetings held in front Collaborative Planning System board. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a platform where all employees (from Manager to last contract labor) discuss their work progress on a regular basis and work commitment also team members review their performance measures and progress of improvement actions.


  • Seeking continuous performance improvement; by measuring previous day performance, planning current day’s workload, root cause analysis of underperformance and any subsequent improvement action.
  • Sustain: Standardization of workplace element: People, Machine, Material, Carts, Tools, workstation, Transportation route, Temporary storage, and process area, etc. through naming, tagging, labeling and localization through the visual clue. Pull production through Kanban is applied to various consumables (bricks, stone, electrical and mechanical material, paint, fixtures, etc). Prototyping and sampling are to help people do their job better and more easily through complete visualization of the end products. Visual signboard contains companies specific mascots or characters, used to underline the desirable practices (e.g. “safety first”, “do not waste”, “quality at first time”

Visual Management practices help in improving productivity, Quality, Quick decision making, reduce inventory carrying cost, improve information flow.

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