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Lean Manufacturing During COVID 19 Times

In the last few decades China almost became the manufacturing hub for the world. Now in the post COVID-19 environment, a lot of European, US, Japanese and other multinational companies are moving out of China. These companies will be shifting their base to any of these countries – India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand due to well know reasons like – cost of material, labour etc.

Lean manufacturing is one of the initiatives that many major businesses have adopted over the years so as to remain competitive in an increasingly global market. Though the Lean manufacturing fundamentals originated in Toyota Motors and are extensively been used by the automotive & allied companies, other sectors and industries too have used it – electronics, aerospace consumer products manufacturing, discrete manufacturing etc to meet varying customer demands by optimizing cost, quality and on time delivery factors.

But, traditional organizations have more than 90% wastes. Inadvertently traditional manufacturing builds lot of waste in the system and over the years the waste takes roots in the minds of the people which increases the cost, reduces productivity, solves same problem repeatedly, delayed delivery to customers, resources are underutilized.  This gets the organization into a quagmire, quicksand situation. The harder one tries the more one gets deeper in the quicksand. To get out of the quagmire lean manufacturing addresses all the aspects of manufacturing making it fit- fast-flexible and

  • Valuable – as judged by the customer.

  • Capable – a good result every time.

  • Available – ready whenever needed.

  • Adequate – just enough capacity.

  • Flexible – able to switch quickly at low cost from one product/task to the next

Therefore, understanding of Lean is utmost necessary in present and will be future for production either domestic or export because it focuses on eliminating non value adding activities (waste) across the value chain with the goal of maximizing value for the customer. Lean manufacturing all about is doing more from less by elimination of waste from the organization by systematically involving every employee. It removes the cobwebs from the minds of the people and helps organization to come out of the quicksand.

Lean thinking helps in driving an organisation from one comfort zone (traditional) to reach the next level (better) and ultimately becoming world class (best in business). It is a complete paradigm shift form current way of working to lean way ie solve problems from the root to avoid reoccurrence of problems for achieving customer satisfaction.

Becoming lean is lot like muscle building, where a regular person through proper exercise and diet, gains strength and becomes stronger and goes on improving his/ her performance to become super strong.

With Vedzen’ lean training and implementation, you will gain the skill and knowledge to build your traverse from where you are to the next comfort level and become a lean thinker. We will enable you fill up the gaps in your organization that exists between its purpose and the performance to lead the transformation initiatives.  

Write to ppp@vedzen.com for driving your lean transformation initiative

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