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Keep your business Corona free!


Coronavirus is continuously spreading all over the world, straining Government, healthcare systems & crippling the ecosystem. All businesses have been asked for crisis management. Everybody is trying to figure out how to handle the disruption. However, it is not the time to panic but to develop control plans in order to restrict spreading of the virus. Here are of the ways to keep your employees and business infection free and healthy.

Provide basic hygiene & safety: Increase cleaning schedule of the organization besides providing mask & hand sanitizer. Restrict entry of sick & suspected employees in the organization by granting leave. Provide routine health checkup to ensure all employees are fit. Provide lunch facility so as to minimize employee exposure to crowded areas like food center. Keep social distancing. Walk the talk by senior managers to ensure employees follow rules.

Proper communication:  Prepare instructional guide to educate employee on viral infection (coronavirus). Prepare list of doe’s & don’t with the help of bulletin boards, info graphics, posters, palpates, news boards, circulars. Use all channel of communication to transfer the important information. Communicate the situation with customers and supplier and find the options for way forward.

Flexible working condition:  Allow people to work from home is the best way to prevent the contamination given that human to human transmission is possible. Allow flexible working hours. Reduce working staff by providing rotational shifts. Provide secure transportation system. Postpone business travels to high risk areas.

Use technology:  Arrange meeting through video conferencing, zoom, google hangouts, make urgent discussion over social media group chat.


#Be ready for crisis management:

Production planning:  Plan your production based on urgent & important criteria. Due to economical slow down there will a less demand of new products so focus on spare parts and after sales services. Use technology like automation. Focus on supply chain. Reduce human interface.

Right time to invest in maintenance activity: Due to economical slow down & lock down conditions, plan your time & invest money on maintenance activity. Make your organization ready for high production in upcoming months.


Vedzen wishing you and your family happy & healthy life!

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