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Webinar on - “Post COVID-19: How to gear up factories, businesses?”

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Date: 21st May 2020

Time: 11 AM to 12 PM

*Note: No participation fees!


Current Situation:

For more than 50 days, our life, business, factories, process, people, customers, everything is at standstill and virus is still very much around us in a more widely spread form. Fear of burst out is increased with the added fuel of uncontrolled people travelling across states. How long we can hold on like this? Can Government continue to strickly administer lockdown any more? The pressure is built from all sides to partially open the lockdown and allow to make a start once again, leaving the choice to individual enterprise, industry, shops. Public transportation, Government offices, banks, institutes will be opened up in phases in the next one month.


We have no choice but to live with the virus around:

If life has to go on, then our business has to be on, our work needs to start, machines must run. Even if you are not willing, others won’t stop. Then what? Those who will start, will they be sure of customers ready to accept the goods and ready to pay? Are you sure of getting regular raw material, as required, in time? Are you sure of what to produce and how much to produce? What about your skilled people, how many required and when will you get them in? What about tracking material stuck in transit? What about the migrant workforce, who have just left for their home? All these activities which were going on earlier on auto mode is now at a stage of full uncertainties. No clarity on demand, supply, in-process stocks, input, output, payments, receivables, everything. Suddenly we are realizing it as playing a new game, starting in between, after the dark 50 days. The things which were so set are now suddenly at a stage that just pressing ‘Reset’ is not going to make it on.

What can we do? 

You must have realized this situation for sure. How do we sail through this storm? Your people might not be able to handle this abnormality alone. They have no prior experience of dealing such uncertainties. We, at Vedzen Consulting, with experienced learned minds, have put our focused thoughts together, to prepare for handling all such eventualities and make sure a better start, find ways and means during the course and quickly put things on right track. Please join us for a webinar to find out what we could do together and win over this challenge.


Key Note Speaker-

Mr Anup Gandhi 

Sr. Principal Practitioner

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