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Benefits of standardization

A cup of Tea.....Change the life.....!!!


As a Tea lover. I always visited many tea stalls across Pune city. One day I visited Yewale Amruttully which is located at Shivajinagar. I took a cup of tea as I normally do. I was surprised by the taste of tea, I love it! It is in my office root so many times I visited the same place. One thing I noticed every time is that the taste of tea is almost the same every time.  Last week I visited Yewale Amruttully (Kondhwa) branch I took tea and I was shocked by the taste to maintain across both the branches was almost the same. As a Management Professional, my curiosity is at glance…! how they maintain the taste of tea the same every day, every time, everywhere?  I tried to find out the secrete behind it…!

By knowing I surprised that they follow a Standard operating procedure (SOP) across all branches. I feel grateful by knowing that they spent almost five months on making Standardization in Tea. They use the same proportion of sugar, Tea (powder), water, milk (Boiled twice before use in tea) and the most important point is to fix the time of making tea (i.e. 7 min) according to that, they provide training to the staff and maintain the system.

Yewale Amruttully is the fastest growing business to earn 15+ lakhs monthly and trying to expand its business by providing franchisee across Pune, Maharashtra and now plan to open branches at the International level (Paris).

It is a very big example of growing business by following SOP/Standardization. The SOP is very important in all business sectors as well as in day to day life.

Standardization describes the establishment of a set of rules & guidelines governing how people in an organization are supposed to complete a given task or sequence of a task.

We at Vedzen helps business entities to develop a standard operating procedure by studying their business & comparing it with benchmark organization. A simple thought is “Without the standards, there will be no improvement”. We help organizations to improve productivity by reducing nonvalue added time, improve quality by reducing repetitive errors, lean & kaizen thinking to reduce waste and continual performance improvement of an organization.

Standardization helps incompatibility, repeatability, quality, interoperability. It reduces variability, reworks, and rejection.

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