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alanced Production: All operations or cells produce at the same cycle time. In a balanced system, the cell cycle time is less than takt time.

Batch Delay: The amount of time a service operation or product unit waits while other operations or units in the lot, or batch, are completed or processed.

Batch Process: Movement of a large number of identical units through a manufacturing process. Entire batches, or lots, are sent to each operation in the production process at the same time. Also known as large-lot processing.

Batch-and-Queue: Producing more than one piece of an item and then moving those items forward to the next operation before that are all actually needed there. Thus, items need to wait in a queue.

Benchmarking: The process of measuring products, services, and practices against those of leading companies.

Bottleneck: Any resource whose capacity is equal to, or less than the demand placed on it.

Before & After Photography: Photography that represents the before and after condition of a Kaizen event taken from a fixed point.

Best-in-Class: A best-known example of performance in a particular operation. One needs to define both the class and the operation to avoid using the term loosely.

Blitz: A blitz is a fast and focused process for improving some component of business a product line, a machine, or a process. It utilizes a cross-functional team of employees for a quick problem-solving exercise, where they focus on designing solutions to meet some well-defined goals. Breakdown Maintenance: Unpredicted Maintenance that must be carried out to restart equipment which experiences a breakdown due to lack of scheduled/planned maintenance.

BTS: (Built To Schedule) A metric that measures the percentage of units scheduled for production on a given day that are actually produced on the correct day, in the correct mix, and in the correct sequence.

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